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Browse my Freelance Web Designer Portfolio…I have worked on so many projects over the years that it would be impossible to show them all. Here is a selection of my favourite web design examples …

My Freelance Web Designer Portfolio

Do you like my web design style?

First things first, before you do anything, browse my freelance web designer portfolio. Look at my web design examples. If you don’t like what you see then I am not the freelance web designer for you.

I have a style. A style I like! Just like an interior designer. Some people like Linda Barkers style, others like Kelly Hoppens designs and for some unknown reason some people like Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen creations, but hey, each to their own! It’s the same with web design really. They have a style, as do I.

If you like my work, then get in touch, QUICK sharp, as my diary is always pretty hectic.


I build websites which clients can update themselves. Once handed to the client they can change some aspects of layout, colours and design that I might not have originally designed!

I don’t link to client sites anymore. Why? Mainly because it’s not good for SEO. Secondly, because when I look at the site I designed it sometimes looks nothing like I intended. As much as I limit access, some clients want full rights to change what they want. I let them. This doesn’t mean the site looks like I designed.

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