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Client Dashboard

Welcome to FABI Web Designs. This is the client dashboard.

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Raise a support ticket

Please raise support requests using the support system. Only tickets from existing clients will be actioned.

Manage Domains, Hosting, Payments

Login to manage domains and hosting, make payments, buy domains, transfer domains, cancel services etc.

Email Access

You can use WebMail at anytime to access your emails. If you need to configure your email with an email client please read the instructions here.

Hosting Access

You can access CPanel at anytime. CPanel allows access to back up site, get FTP details and set up new email accounts …and much more.


Our knowledgebase is growing daily. All support questions are added to the knowledgebase. Please check it first before opening a support ticket.

Update your details

Please keep your customer contact details up to date. Address, email, telephone numbers, etc.

SEO Client Reports

SEO clients can log into the dedicated SEO client dashboard to review SEO reports online and download copies for reference in CSV or PDF.