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What is WordPress and why should you use it?

WordPress is a FREE (open source) program that anyone can use to build a website. Originally WordPress was built as a tool to create a blog, but over time has grown into far more than that due to its open source status and a world of developers that have made WordPress a brilliant framework to build ANY type of website.

WordPress is now a great content management system (CMS) and not just a blogging platform.

We can help you build a WordPress website yourself or you can do it yourself if you are a little more technically minded. We can customize the look and feel of your WordPress site to perfectly fit your brand or help you with an existing WordPress website by developing and supporting your site. For a free consultation call 0113 2797731 or use my contact form. First, read on to find out more about WordPress and why it is Fabi Web Designs platform of choice for websites.

Why is WordPress free?

WordPress is an open source software. Open Source means you can modify, build upon, and redistribute the software however you like. Thousands of talented people have contributed to the WordPress system already, making it very functional. Anyone can contribute patches, report bugs, suggest features, etc. This is what makes WordPress free, however, there might be costs involved somewhere. Some of the developers who contribute may charge a small fee to use their theme or programming, if you like the look of a theme or need the functionality of a premium plugin, there might be a small cost, but the costs are minimal.

Take a look at the video below to find out a little more about WordPress.

Why You Should Use WordPress?

Here are a few reasons why you should use WordPress:

  1. It’s FREE.
  2. Thousands of free WordPress Themes  There are loads of free pre-existing themes which you can use as is or tweak to suit. The WordPress theming system is great, create a theme from scratch or buy a theme and incorporate your branding fairly easily. If you want a specific theme for an industry such as photography, a magazine or a shop, you can buy some cheap, but great premium themes onThemeforest.
  3. It’s easy to use. No programming is required to make new pages or new blog posts. The WordPress editing interface is very easy to use. It works a lot like simple word-processing software. Because the interface is web-based, creating and editing pages can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  4. You can receive and respond to comments and allow subscribers as well as get sign ups for newsletters by email.  Great for customers, and great for keeping your site up to date with new content for search engines.
  5. It’s not just a blog! WordPress is packed with features that make it a platform capable of running even the most complex site, from directories to shops.  Many of these features can be installed easily through the wordpress plugin system and require very little programming skills if any. There is always a plugin (often free) that will fulfil your requirements and ultimately this saves both time and money.
  6. There is a huge community of support, on forums and websites which run tutorials. There are also many programmers and developers who support WordPress.
  7. WordPress is Search engine friendly, written using standard compliance high quality code and you can install simple easy to use plugins to easily SEO your website.
  8. You can keep all your WordPress content safe by setting up automated regular WordPress Backups
  9. You can secure your website from security threats mainly from hackers with simple to install plugins.

How can I start using WordPress for my website?

WordPress can be downloaded for self-hosted installations from or it can also be used as a hosted service via Most web hosts have easy installers so when you buy web hosting you simply select WordPress and it is installed for you.

I hope this article answered your questions you have about WordPress and specifically What is WordPress, and why you should use it.

Give me a call if you want some free advice about using WordPress for your website on 0113 2797731 or use my contact form.

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