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How to Configure Thunderbird Email Client for Multiple Email Account Management

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Using an email client such as Thunderbird (which is similar to Microsoft Outlook but free) is particularly useful when you have multiple email accounts to manage, maybe multiple sites, personal and work emails, or different email accounts for just the one website. Thunderbird will allow you to view all your email accounts in one place. Once configured you simply open up the Thunderbird application and view any email account you have added to it. You can then send emails from one place from each account. One login, for multiple account management. Notifications when a new email comes into ANY of your accounts. Far easier than web based mail which is only really suitable for accessing one account at a time.

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What is Web Hosting and why do you need it?

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A domain name is a human friendly address for a computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world. For example, Computers are actually identified by a series of numbers called an IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol. Each IP address is unique to every computer on the internet anywhere in the world. It looks something like: Hard to remember right? Particularly if you had to remember one of those for each and every website you want to visit?

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