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What is a responsive website and why is it important?

what is a responsive website

What is a responsive website? Let’s go back a few years. Not long ago the biggest challenge presented to a web developer was the array of browsers, which rendered websites in different ways. This resulted in lots of trickery to make sure the code behind the website was tweaked to work on all browsers, namely, those which didn’t follow web standards. Internet Explorer, cough, cough!

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What Makes A Good Website for Small Business?

what makes a good website

With over 700 million websites on the internet how can you make your site stand out? What makes a good website? How can you stand apart from your competitors? A good site grabs your attention, strikes at emotions, and gives you the information you need. In this article I will discuss ideas for making your website engaging for your visitors, with tips to help you make your site work harder and win new customers.

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