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Freelance Work From Home : Self Employed Benefits

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Freelancing isn’t easy. You have to find your own clients and be very disciplined. But the pay off’s are great if you succeed. However, the work you produce needs be perfect to impress future clients and gain more work. You work on your schedule, but the task you have usually has a deadline, which in most cases is yesterday. A freelancer needs a multitude of both personal and industry specific skills, being a jack of all trades and a MASTER of some usually helps. If you’re unfamiliar with freelancing, you might be surprised at what skills freelancers actually use to run their businesses.

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How to Freelance: What Skills Does a Freelancer Need?

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Successful freelancing involves more than possessing the ability to design, code, write, account or whatever service you offer. Freelancers also need a multitude of skills to manage and grow a freelance business. These skills allow you to attract clients, manage finances, and make proper plans and decisions for the future of your freelance business.

Lets have a look at some of the skills I believe are crucial to operating a freelance business. I will also give some useful links to software or resources I find essential to running my freelance business.

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How does the Google Pigeon update affect local business listings?

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Local Business Search and the Google Pigeon Update

In July 2014 Google made yet another change to it’s search algorithm which once again highlights how SEO is an ongoing process and not a one off event. Google normally makes announcements of changes and give the updates names, many will have heard of the panda and penguin Google updates, but on this occasion it was not deemed significant enough to require naming. However, Google did confirm the change with Search Engine Land who decided the update was fairly significant and named it the GOOGLE PIGEON UPDATE (because this is a local search update and pigeons tend to fly back home).

This is a short article to shed a bit of light on the Pigeon update and how it might affect your website rankings in Google.

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Do I need a website?

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While having a website may seem like an unnecessary cost if you’re not a prolific internet user yourself, a recent survey showed around 70% of the UK’s population now has access to an internet connection – that’s a big business opportunity you’ll be missing out on if you don’t have a web presence. Even if your business’ website lists little more than your address and opening hours, maintaining a web presence could give you the edge over more technophobic competitors.

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