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10 Simple On-Page SEO Tips 2015

There are some very simple tips you can implement in minutes to dramatically improve your page SEO and search rankings. If any of the pages on your website are missing any of the following 10 simple on page optimisation tips, then you are missing a chance to easily improve your rankings.

1. Optimize 1 Keyword Phrase per Page

Research suitable keywords and optimise each page with one keyword phrase in mind. Add keywords to important tags, such as, title, alt, headings and images. Also add the keyword phrase to the first paragraph and the concluding paragraph. Make sure not to stuff the page and make sure the page reads naturally.

2. Plurals and Mispellings

In 2014 Google AdWords no longer focused on exact match keywords but also varients of a keyword and the same more than likely applies to the organic search results. Plurals, mispellings and alternative similar words in the page content are just as good for SEO strategy.

3. Keywords in URL

Keeping URLs short, preferably using the main keywords, better still the full keyword phrase. If using a CMS make sure you have pretty permalinks (wordpress) or SEO friendly URL plugins.

4. Add Keyword Phrase to Page Titles

The title tag is the bar at the top of your browser. This text is used in search engines as the main title link for the page. Google will only display between 50-60 characters in the title tag and you should try to encourage interest. Put keywords towards the front of the title.

5. Optimise Page Headings

Headings break up the text and create structure, telling the reader and search engine what the page is about.  The larger the tag i.e. H1, the more important it is to the page. Don’t stuff headings with keywords, dont use too many headings either and certainly dont use images for headings!

6. The forgotten Image Alt Text

This is a simple tip that people often ignore or forget about. Not only does Google have image search which may capture a search or 2, search engines obviously can’t see what an image is and thus rely on the Alt and title tags for a description. Don’t over optimize every image on the page, it’s usually best to make sure you are describing the image content. However, you can through in a couple of keywords or phrases for good measure.

7. Quality Back Links

Monitor links to your site to make sure they are coming from quality websites. Make sure your articles are easily shareable. Have a link building strategy, but avoid link farms or cheap directories as they could actually damage your SEO campaign.

8. Be Mobile Friendly and Speedy

Users don’t like to wait, and Google understands that people want fast download times. There are tools such as GMetrix which will help you find out how quick (or slow) your website is and what you can do to improve it. Page speed is becoming more and more important, due to people browsing on mobile devices where connection can be slower and data usage costly. Which brings me onto my next point.

9. Be Mobile Friendly!

Make sure your website is responsive using Googles Mobile Friendly Tester if your site is not mobile responsive then you are sure to take a hit in the search rankings.

10. Security and HTTPS

Google is emphasizing the importance of HTTPS. HTTPS ensures that a website is encrypted and cannot be hacked. Although not a real biggie, this factor will become increasingly important!

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