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Before remote software, helping friends, family and most importantly customers with computer problems often meant hours on the phone trying to remember what a menu looked like or where a file was saved. Now I can access your computer remotely using TEAM Viewer.

With a piece of software called TEAM VIEWER I can remotely help you set up software to use with your website or provide tutorials over the internet.

To be able to provide remote support and assistance please follow these instructions:

Download the Application and run the Installer.

1) If you haven’t received an email with a link to download the software then please click the button below. This is for windows. If you are using MAC please download the software from

2) Run the installer and click YES/ALLOW if Windows requests permission to install.

3) If installed successfully the sofware should open displaying your Team Viewer ID and Password.

4) Send the ID and password to

5) If you have Windows login enabled then you will either have to send me those logins or create a windows account for me.

6) Once the remote session is complete it is important to exit Team Viewer by selecting Connections > Exit from the menus. Although Team Viewer is secure it is best not to leave it running when not being used.

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