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Wondering how to start a website? Read on …

So you’ve got a business. Now it’s time to give it a home.

Why have a website?

A business’ website is the place that hosts information about your business, what you do and what you sell and the the main piece of your marketing efforts. The aim of your website is to give the customer information about you or your product and tempt them to use your services and buy from you. So where do you begin building a website. Read our quick guide for some tips.

Step 1: Choose your domain name and web hosting service

It’s wrongly assumed by many that the first step to developing a website is the web design. However, your best option is to choose a domain name which helps in create a great logo, and in turn influences the design of the website design.

Before you setup a new website, you’re going to need two things:

  • A DOMAIN NAME: A web address like
  • WEB HOSTING: A service that puts your website up on the Internet

Without one or another, your website is not complete and you’re unable to setup/create a website.

A great domain name is an important part of the website design.  A domain name is often the first clue a potential visitor or customer gets about the content of your website. This post won’t go into details about how to choose a domain name, but luckily we have already written a short guide for you already so take a read to get some tips.

Web hosting is also essential. A host makes your website available on the internet, so when someone types in your web address they see your site and not a blank page or an error. Investigate on Google or read this post on choosing a web host before you decide.

Step 2: Choose Your Website Platform

Before you start thinking about colour schemes, domain name and web hosting, you’ve got to decide what platform you’re going to build your website with. Luckily these days there are some great self build sites from 1&1, Wix and GoDaddy.

Before you jump in though it’s best to decide if self build websites are best for your business. If a self build website is not suitable then luckily open source content management software such as WordPress, Joomla and OpenCart, are a brilliant alternatives, if you are reasonably good with IT. Depending on your business and skills though it might be wise to develop your site though a design agency or use a freelance web designer.

Ultimately it depends on the complexity of your website. For large online shops or sites with specific functionality or specific design ideas then the freelancer or design agency route is for you. However, if you are simply building a small brochure type site, perhaps as an electrician, plumber or very small business then self build websites are a definite option.

There are pros and cons of each solution, so make sure you do some research and read our post on whether you should use a website builder. It’s possible you might find self build websites very restrictive and the costs mount up the more functionality you require. BUT, they might be worth a try, the least you will get is an idea of style, layout and content required if you decide to move on to more functional software.

That’s it!

Get building with your chosen platform! I’m going to be adding to this post and writing more details about using WordPress and the like, and also pros and cons of each tool … so come back soon to read more!

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