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How can I find my old website? Is my website gone forever?

If you’ve had a website for a while, then you probably made quite a few changes to it. Sometimes, while making these changes, we forget the critically important step of documenting, archiving, and keeping old content so we can refer back to it later. Sometimes clients come to me as there website has been hacked. They need it rebuilding but don’t remember the exact design or layout. Well there is a fantastic website that can help. It’s called WayBackMachine.

What did my website look like a year or 2 ago?

For over 20 years The Internet Archive has been archiving website pages which makes it possible to retrieve old content. WayBackMachine randomly captures all the content of most website and archives it for you to go back and see what changed, how it looked, and if required get all your old content.

Take a look. Reminisce. See how your old website looked 3 years ago? See how other businesses have revamped their website. It’s also useful to use if a competitor has jumped ahead of you on search engine rankings. You might be able to spot what they have changed that gave them a leg up on Google.

Visit WayBackMachine and enter your url. Take a look at some of the snapshots.

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