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How can I find my old website? Is my website gone forever?


How can I find my old website? Is my website gone forever? If you’ve had a website for a while, then you probably made quite a few changes to it. Sometimes, while making these changes, we forget the critically important step of documenting, archiving, and keeping old content so we can refer back to it later. Sometimes clients come to me as there website has been hacked. They need it rebuilding but don’t remember the exact design or layout. Well there is a fantastic website that can help. It’s called WayBackMachine. What did my website look like a year or

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Official Google Search Engine Optimisation Guide

how long does seo take

Googles Official SEO Guide! Clients often ask about SEO, what it is, how to do it, why results are not guaranteed and why it costs too much. I recommend learning a bit yourself to see why it is such a complex subject and where better to start than the Google official SEO guide. You can download Googles SEO starter guide here.

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