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Do I need a website for my Business?

Do I need a website for my small business? It’s a question many small business owners ask themselves, usually when work dries up or when they notice a competitor releasing a website. So do you need a website for your business? Best place to start when answering this type of question is to list the pros and cons of having a small business website.

Why DO I Need A Website:

  • In today’s modern internet based world, where customers have access almost 100% of the time to a device with Internet access (which will only increase), a business without a website is a massive marketing opportunity missed. While having a website may seem like an unnecessary cost if you’re not a frequent internet user yourself around 70% of the UK’s population now has access to the internet. A simple website simply listing your contact details, a little bit about your company, and even a contact form is better than no web presence. It may be more presence than your competitors and may be a customers deciding factor between you and a competitor.
  • Relying on social websites such as Facebook and Twitter could have dire consequences. What if Facebook closes your page. It’s actually against their terms and conditions to run unpaid promotions and competitions on it – although most people do, few people realise they could have their page closed. With your own website you are in control and can build a database of customers and clients.
  • Most people won’t find your Facebook page searching for your product on Google. You need a website for that. A website that has been optimised for the best keyword phrases.
  • With your own website you can run a blog, writing useful articles, opening more doors on the search engines for people to find you. You can make a name for yourself in your field.
  • Your website will be the best tool you have for promoting your business. It’s your brand, image, and if done well demonstrates your credibility. Many people will look for your website to check you out before using your company, which means the better it looks and more and up-to-date it is, the better impression it will make on consumers.
  • The internet is a 24/7  medium. Your business is open all the time, without any extra effort from you. If you choose to have an online store, your customers will be able to dictate when they want to buy, rather than limiting themselves to your opening times.
  • If you are locally based, having a web presence will open your business up to new markets outside your local area.
  • A well-designed website will make your business appear more professional. A well-considered website can fool customers into thinking your business is larger than it is.
  • If you’re starting a business on a shoestring, the costs of putting together a website will be cheaper than buying or renting premises. Lower overheads and far more return on investment than say a flyer marketing campaign.
  • The internet allows you to enter into a dialogue with your customers, in the form of surveys or questionnaires and comments forms on your website. This promotes for easy feedback from customers, rather than just negative feedback this method often increases positive feedback.

Why DON’T I Need A Website:

  • Facebook alone has 550 million users. companies can engage with potential customers and current customers on their Facebook page far better than on a static site, with many more social features of engagement already built in…. and that’s free.
  • If you use only Facebook you can integrate all other social activities with Facebook tabs, for twitter, youtube, even have an FAQ or run competitions and promotions. You can even run an advertising campaign to gather more targeted likes to your page.
  • If you sell products Facebook also has apps to open and online store and take payments through your page.
  • The essence of Facebook is the photo section. The biggest photo directory online anywhere. How better can you display your products to your audience?
  • You can create events on Facebook and invite anyone you like.
  • Moving onto other social platforms. Youtube is brilliant for creating visual adverts. You can create your own channel and build your brand and information for customers easily.
  • Linkedin is best for business networking, but that’s part of the way small businesses can survive and grow.
  • Most social platforms offer a way of tracking views and followers through insights pages so you can see how much impact you are having on your audience.

So do I need a Website for my Small Business?

A website should feature in your marketing mix. How much you want to invest in a website is your call. Whether you have a simple business card website which has a handful of pages and simple contact forms, or an all signing and dancing content management or eCommerce website, is your call. Either way, you should have something for your business if you want to take advantage of the huge internet audience.

Cross marketing is very effective and usually necessary to grow your business. Your website should be promoted on your Facebook page. Your Youtube videos should be promoted on your Twitter profile. Your Twitter should be promoted on your blog and your Facebook should be promoted everywhere. It will get you noticed and this will help your SEO and increase the traffic to your site while also helping your social profiles thrive.

We live in a world where word spreads fast and taking advantage of advertising on the internet in the form of a website is the only way to keep up with your competitors.

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