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How can I find my old website? Is my website gone forever?


How can I find my old website? Is my website gone forever? If you’ve had a website for a while, then you probably made quite a few changes to it. Sometimes, while making these changes, we forget the critically important step of documenting, archiving, and keeping old content so we can refer back to it later. Sometimes clients come to me as there website has been hacked. They need it rebuilding but don’t remember the exact design or layout. Well there is a fantastic website that can help. It’s called WayBackMachine. What did my website look like a year or

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Reasons to Hire a Freelance Web Designer

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Reasons to Hire a Freelance Web Designer In this article I will highlight some reasons to hire a freelance web designer as an alternative to a web design agency. Freelancers work harder than you might imagine. Referrals are the lifeblood of a freelancer. A freelancer web designer will work hard to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. A freelancer is motivated by a good referral to do their best work. Every job for a freelancer is something new and every client is special. So freelancers return phone calls and emails, meet deadlines and perform to the

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How do I start a website?

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Wondering how to start a website? Read on … So you’ve got a business. Now it’s time to give it a home. Why have a website? A business’ website is the place that hosts information about your business, what you do and what you sell and the the main piece of your marketing efforts. The aim of your website is to give the customer information about you or your product and tempt them to use your services and buy from you. So where do you begin building a website. Read our quick guide for some tips. Step 1: Choose your

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Does Facebook advertising work?

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Does Facebook advertising work? Are you curious about the Adverts you’ve seen in your Facebook Feed? Are you wondering if they will help your business? Is so we will try and help answer the question, “Does Facebook advertising work?” How does Facebook advertising work? Facebook advertising allows you to target specific audiences that are likely to be interested in your products and services by taking advantage of the data Facebook has about users. First, you identify your campaign objective, or what you want your Facebook ads to actually accomplish. This might be driving traffic to your website, encouraging visitors to

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What is my IP? Why do I need it?

The “IP” address stands for “Internet Protocol.” To access the internet you need an IP address. This is a number which represents your computer. Much like the address of a house. Every time you go on the Internet, an IP address is given to your computer.

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What information do I need to build a website?

Questions to think about when building a website Here are the questions we need to consider to find out exactly what's needed for your website. Why do you need a website? Knowing your motivation for getting a website provides key information about what you need to include in your website in terms of functionality. Do you want to update the website yourself and keep it up-to-date with ever changing information? Or will the site be an online businesss card displaying information about your business and contact details only. Will you be selling products online? Do you need to include videos,Read more ...

What is domain name registration?

what is domain name registration

A domain name is a human friendly address for a computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world. For example, Computers are actually identified by a series of numbers called an IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol. Each IP address is unique to every computer on the internet anywhere in the world. It looks something like: Hard to remember right? Particularly if you had to remember one of those for each and every website you want to visit?

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Is social media marketing a waste of time?

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Social Media Marketing is a relatively new phenomenon but is it a waste of time? Gone are the days of simply giving out business cards, or posting leaflets. Social Media Marketing is the new Word of Mouth promotional tool.

I have however, noticed that too many businesses put too much effort and emphasis on promoting through Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, only to see little return. Worse, many businesses don’t even monitor if their efforts have increased business.

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Simple On Page SEO tips for 2015

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10 Simple On-Page SEO Tips 2015 There are some very simple tips you can implement in minutes to dramatically improve your page SEO and search rankings. If any of the pages on your website are missing any of the following 10 simple on page optimisation tips, then you are missing a chance to easily improve your rankings. 1. Optimize 1 Keyword Phrase per Page Research suitable keywords and optimise each page with one keyword phrase in mind. Add keywords to important tags, such as, title, alt, headings and images. Also add the keyword phrase to the first paragraph and theRead more ...

Freelance v Web Design Agency : Pros & Cons

What are the pros and cons of using a freelance web designer as opposed to a web design agency? A question heavily debated and frequently asked!

Choosing the right person or team to build your website or even brand is vital, so you need to be sure you’re making the right choice.

Ultimately there are benefits and disadvantages of employing either. So, to help your decision, I have highlighted some of the pros and cons of working with freelancers and web design agencies.

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