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It’s hard to find a low cost web designer you can trust to do the best for you and your ,for a realistic and affordable price. I am a freelance web designer in Leeds and I build low cost websites for small businesses across the UK.

Why I’m a Freelance Web Designer?

It’s because I love it! I love designing websites. I love being creative. I love coding and logic, but most importantly, I love helping others build a great website! I work remotely from my home. Office space results in higher prices. I have few overheads and I can be with my children more often too.

So you want to know more about me? It’s very important to find a web designer you can get on with, more importantly, a web designer you can trust. Well …

  • First and foremost, I’m a mum of 2 gorgeous children. My pride and joy.
  • Secondly, I am a web designer, web developer, SEO consultant, and I love what I do.
  • Thirdly, and as much as I hate the phrase, I’m a bit of a Mumtrepreneur, building online shops and selling online. Doing this has helped me learn so much more about what it takes to operate a successful online store.

I have always been creative. I got a B in GCSE Art and Design, back when GCSE’s were fairly hard to pass! I should have got an A (in my opinion). I have always been good with technology too, understanding complex technical issues faster than many of my peers.

I have a BA Hons in Business Management from Leeds Met University. It was there I was first introduced in depth to computers. We didn’t have IT lessons or computer rooms when I attended high school, just 3 BBC computers for around 600 students; having a computer at home was a luxury too, far too expensive for the average family.

I worked at William Hill Bookmakers while attending Uni. Taking bets from gamblers over the phone; a chore of a job, but it provided essential student funds, beer money in the main.

I never managed to escape William Hill in the end. I progressed to a supervisory position but drifted towards IT when asked to help out in that department. It was then I realised I LOVED working with computers.

After a few years essential experience on IT Helpdesks, I managed to forge a career designing and developing Helpdesk databases for William Hill shops, security department and for the IT department, to record and monitor incidents. I developed my skills in SQL, HTML, CSS, Database design, PHP, ITIL framemork, and much more. I loved my job, although I hated the office politics, but I gained a wealth of experience both professionally and personally and also have a little book full of IT contacts who I can depend on for larger projects… and then I became a ….

Freelance Web Designer

When voluntary redundancy was offered I snapped at the chance. It was then I began self employment as a web designer and developer, and I have never once regretted my decision.

I’ve been a freelancer since 2009, building websites for small businesses in Leeds, and across the UK, (with a small break to birth my rug rats). I specialise in WordPress and OpenCart websites, which I feel are best suited for clients and widely supported by web developers.

I’m a genuine, helpful and caring individual who loves to please. I aren’t a Geek, you will find me very easy to chat to and I will make you feel at ease throughout the web design process.

I work from an office in my home in Leeds. If you expect to meet me in a luxury office, with leather seats and china cups, best find a bigger web design agency (probably one of those that outsource work to me!) who will add the cost of those luxury’s to their fees. Working from home means my web design service is affordable and my estimates more competitive than most.

For larger projects I work alongside Graphic Designers and I’m frequently employed by Design Agencies for Freelance Web Development projects.

Web designer Leeds Abi Andrews

Just for fun…

  • I am 5’9″ and like being tall
  • I was brought up RC, but now Atheist
  • I am sociable and outgoing
  • I can be surprisingly shy too!
  • I am a cheese addict
  • I am cleverer than the average person
  • I am a chocolate addict
  • I learn quickly. I see once and know, I see twice and do it better.
  • I am great at sport, even if older and less fit!
  • I sing like a cat being strangled
  • I wish I could sing
  • I can make people laugh
  • People think I am slightly bonkers
  • I can talk the hind leg off a tortoise
  • I am known for getting such phrases wrong!
  • Apparently I look like Mel C
  • Apparently I look like Carol Vorderman
  • Apparently I look like Surranne Jones
  • I am very confused as to who I look like!!
  • I’ve had 2 c-sections and I had absolutely no desire to give birth naturally
  • I drink far too much diet coke
  • I prefer lager to wine
  • I drink too much lager!
  • I once had to call the AA to help me reverse out of a parking space
  • I am a good driver though!
  • I don’t believe in Star signs, but I’m a typical Gemini
  • I can talk to anyone and everyone with ease
  • When people describe me they usually use the word entertaining somewhere
  • I am petrified of butterflies, and don’t mention moths! EVIL.
  • I LOVE animals although allergic to FUR!
  • Fiction bores me, I like facts, real life and learning
  • I have a freckle on my lip. So does my sister. So did my Nanna.
  • I love Olives and can eat them like sweets.
  • My perfect day would be cocktails while tanning on a beach, in the sun, Indian or Italian meal in the evening… and a babysitter to get the kids to bed while I party!